As some point, every business has to deal with a mistake. The good news is that your business can recover. Keep reading to find out how.

Accept That You Can’t Do It Alone

Many entrepreneurs and successful business leaders are independent self-starters who often go it alone. However, a large part of overcoming mistakes involves accepting that you can’t do it all on your own. If a mistake occurs on your part, be sure to evaluate if having a different person in charge of that area will help in the future.

And if a mistake occurs simply because you’re overloaded, keep in mind that delegation is a hallmark of good leadership. Don’t be afraid to let go of certain tasks as your business grows.

Find a Mentor

Another common practice for overcoming mistakes is finding a mentor. It’s best to do this step early in your business’s life, or even before you start one, but a mentor can be helpful at any time. After a mistake is no exception. Following a mistake, find a mentor if you don’t have one. Once that’s done, or if you already have a mentor, ask them how to avoid similar errors in the future. Chances are, they’ve recovered from mistakes of their own and can provide advice.

Not sure where to start? recommends professional sites like LinkedIn and networking organizations as places you can potentially find a mentor.

Lean On Your Network

Your business network can also be a valuable resource for overcoming mistakes. For instance, if an accounting error leads to a rough month for your company, you might contact other business owners you know and ask for recommendations on a good bookkeeper. Reaching out for advice in this manner can also be helpful for problems with marketing, recruiting, and virtually any area of your business.

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