Increase Profits with Purchase Order Financing

If your small business is having difficulty financing presold goods, let 5 Star Funding Group help. You can find yourself in a bind when you receive purchase orders for your products but don’t have the cash in-hand to pay your suppliers. With purchase order financing, you can pay your manufacturers and get your goods into your clients’ hands. Let us help your business reach its maximum potential.

Advantages of Purchase Order Financing

There are several benefits to obtaining purchase order financing:

  • Customer satisfaction: When your clients receive their goods on time, they are more likely to continue doing business with you.
  • Increasing your market share: The more product you have available, the more you can sell.
  • Fulfilling larger orders: Selling more product means you make more profit. Additionally, many suppliers lower their per unit costs for bulk orders, so your profit margins increase even more.
  • Keeping your business solvent: A purchase order eliminates the need for increased bank debt or equity forfeiture. You stay in control of your finances and your business decisions.

Even if you are currently suffering from poor cash flow, 5 Star Funding Group can help you fulfill your purchase orders and