Has your company tried running a SWOT analysis yet? This unique type of analysis can allow your company to identify its top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can run SWOT analyses throughout the year to check whether you’re on track to meet your goals, or you can simply work through one occasionally as part of bigger-picture strategic planning. Either way, this analytical tool could play a significant role in helping your company to become more resilient and plan for the future. Still not entirely convinced you should add the SWOT method to your tool kit? Check out some of the benefits you could glean from implementing this analysis at least once per fiscal year.

Pinpoint the Weaknesses That Could Potentially Thwart Company Ambitions

One of the most important reasons to consider running a SWOT analysis on a regular basis is to identify the hidden weaknesses that could pose a threat to the company’s future ambitions. For instance, you may not have been aware that you need to address issues such as:

  • A poor public image
  • An excessive debt-to-revenue ratio
  • Poor-quality products
  • Poor customer service
  • A lack of clear vision for the future

Identify the Most Fruitful Business Opportunities You May Wish To Pursue

A SWOT analysis can also help your business identify potentially fruitful new opportunities and avenues to pursue in the future. This analysis could help you determine whether you should be:

  • Expanding to new locations
  • Implementing more digital advertising
  • Merging with another company
  • Doing a rehaul of the corporate branding

Find the Top Company Strengths That You Can Lean Into

Finally, running a SWOT analysis can help you figure out what your company is doing right and what your strengths are so that you can double down and continue to perform well in those categories. The results of this analysis could surprise you. For instance, a SWOT analysis could demonstrate company strengths in regard:

  • Your marketing strategies
  • Your company culture
  • Your top-notch products or services
  • Your thorough accounting and eye for detail
  • Your brand image, appeal, and public relations

As you conduct strategic planning for your company’s future, there are several reasons to consider adding a SWOT analysis to your toolkit. This unique method of analysis lets you pinpoint and directly address your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so you can be in full control of the company’s direction. Whether you want to mitigate risks that could pose a threat to your company’s ambitions, identify the strengths you should be leaning into or find potentially fruitful new opportunities, using this analysis method could provide several helpful benefits.