How Consumer Finance Can Help Your Business

With our consumer finance solutions, 5 Star Funding Group can help your business launch a credit card program. When you give your customers a convenient financing solution for any budget, your business can thrive.

How Your Business Benefits From Consumer Financing

Consumer financing can benefit your business, no matter its size, in a number of ways:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Repeat business and a wider customer base
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Fast deposits of as few as 48 hours

Consumer financing support includes thorough training, quick program launch, secure transaction methods, marketing advice, and debt collection. This support lets you concentrate on the day-to-day decisions that are important to your business.

How Your Customers Benefit From Consumer Financing

Your customers will enjoy the convenience that consumer financing brings:

  • Simple, fast application processing
  • Convenience of smaller, monthly payments
  • Ease of money management
  • Dependable, secure financial services
  • Access to a revolving credit line
  • Excellent cardholder services
  • Consistent credit approval
  • Strong credit limits

If you are ready to enjoy the advantages of consumer financing, contact the professionals at 5 Star Funding Group. We can design a program that fits your business needs and keeps your customers happy and loyal. Call today for a free analysis.