Starting a new managerial position can be both exciting and daunting, knowing that your role in the company is about to drastically change from what it was before. Being solely in charge of a team of people can certainly be overwhelming, but it pays to simply reorganize your priorities and determine how best you’re going to serve your business. Before taking on your newly-appointed position, here are some helpful starting points for new managers, showing you how you can progress from simply being the new person in charge to becoming what many would define as a good leader.

Become a More Collaborative Group

Though you may be more inclined to work on your own and spend time huddled away in your office, it’s crucial that you and your team form a collaborative bond to boost productivity and improve company morale. Showing everyone that their time and opinions are respected is vital, ensuring that each team member feels included and appreciated for their efforts. Meanwhile, enforcing a supportive community vibe amongst your team can help revive the passion and hard work for the job from your employees, further demonstrating that acting as a unified front for the sake of the company’s future is key to gaining ground.

Make Communication a High Priority

While this should be a no-brainer, it’s paramount that new managers understand the severity of how important communication truly is within a team. Setting clear guidelines, being transparent whenever possible and encouraging your employees’ ideas and opinions in your daily creative thinking can all be major motivational factors when it comes to working as a collective unit. Starting a conversation where everyone can contribute is necessary for setting a tone, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable by asking your team members for help occasionally can be truly rewarding, as well.

Set Your Mind On Growth

Company growth is essential for the success of the business, but that doesn’t just mean completing the day-to-day tasks. Growth comes in various forms within a business, including within your team, so employ ways to focus on each group member’s strengths and utilize them as needed. Meanwhile, take additional time to help each employee make progress on their weaknesses, giving constructive feedback and acting as a supportive role in their positive journey forward.

Being overwhelmed by your new job title is common, but realizing you have a full team of support behind you can be all the encouragement you need. New managers should consider these tips to help steer themselves on the right path from the start.