All startup founders eventually run into the issue of time management. So many activities go into running a business that finding the time to do them all can be a challenge. However, by using the tips in this article, you can make that challenge surmountable.

Tip 1: Fight Technology Distractions

Many entrepreneurs find themselves distracted by technology, whether it be social media or constant emails. There are concrete ways you can fight these distractions, though, allowing you to focus on more important work. For instance, on your computer’s web browser, try installing add-ons that block or limit access time to social media sites. You can also uninstall social media apps from your phone. As for time management with email, contributor R. L. Adams suggests setting off specific times to answer emails rather than dealing with your inbox all day.

Tip 2: Focus on Important, Urgent Tasks

Another helpful time-management tip is to focus first on tasks that are both important and urgent. For instance, fixing a problem with your business’s website’s checkout process is both important (it’s how customers give you money) and urgent (the longer it stays broken, the more money you will lose). If a task is important but can wait for awhile, handle important, time-sensitive tasks first.

Tip 3: Delegate

Especially as your business grows, another part of time management is accepting that you can’t do everything alone. When you’re starting out, consider bringing on a co-founder whose skills and vision complement your own. As you hire employees, focus on finding people who can effectively handle delegated tasks and decision making on their own. Additionally, be aware of what skills people bring to the table, and then give them the freedom to leverage those skills.

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