When employees have the ability to be creative, they find new solutions to old problems. But creativity doesn’t just happen, it needs to be fostered. If you’re looking to unlock new ideas and innovation in your organization, here are some tips to speak workplace creativity.

Update Your Office Design

The most forward-thinking businesses design an office that brings people together. Start with modern furniture and open spaces. Give your employees spaces to be creative and to collaborate. A change of scenery can inspire and motivate your team more than you might realize.

Offer Flexibility and Freedom in Working

The better work-life balance your team has, the more productive they’ll be. When you offer flexibility in schedules to allow for better commute times or time off when someone needs it, it makes your team feel like you care.

Offer Professional Development

Encourage your team learn new skills that help them on the job. Offer mentoring opportunities to help your staff learn leadership. Send your employees to conferences and seminars. Share knowledge among your team to help bring them together.

Encourage Your Team to Take Breaks and Risks

Give your employees room to make mistakes and learn. Make sure your team takes breaks to have time to refresh. Establish that workplace creativity is a priority for your team. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Lead by Example

If you want to encourage creativity, you have to exhibit the same traits you want to see. Be curious. Get inspired. Experiment and take risks to develop new ideas. It might take time to change the culture of your team, but you can do it when you demonstrate what you want. Change starts at the top.

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