Many Americans possess a work ethic that causes them to become attached to their jobs to the exclusion of everything else, putting in long hours and even coming in on evenings and weekends. Although such dedication is exemplary, the lack of work-life balance can have long-term negative consequences.

Here are some warning signs indicating that instead of merely manifesting enthusiasm for your job, you may be a workaholic.

Your Self-Worth Is Connected to Achievement

For workaholics, self-esteem is tied to success at work. They pursue perfection, and so almost nothing satisfies them. They become continually disheartened by imperfect results. To counter this tendency, detach your sense of self-worth from your performance at work.

You Put In Unreasonably Long Hours

If you habitually work more hours than your colleagues, arriving early, staying late, and coming in on weekends, this may be a symptom of poor work-life balance. Experts have found that you can be even more productive by taking care of yourself and getting sufficient time off.

You Obsess About Work During Time Off

Time off is only effective if you are able to turn off thoughts of work. Continually obsessing about work-related matters even while you are supposedly relaxing induces stress instead of renewing strength. To benefit from down time, you have to be able to disconnect mentally as well as physically from the office.

Your Health Suffers

Workaholics often develop bad habits that imperil their health, including skipping meals, relying on junk food for nutrition, getting insufficient sleep, and not exercising regularly. These behaviors lead to exhaustion, headaches, weight problems, excessive alcohol intake, and eventual illness.

Your Personal Relationships Become Jeopardized

Poor work-life balance tends to negatively impact relationships with loved ones. Statistics indicate that divorces are more common and children are more prone to depression or anxiety when at least one parent is a workaholic. Determine to repair your work-life balance when your loved ones express that you’re never there for them.

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