Best Small Business Resources in Las Vegas

Starting one’s own small business can be seem daunting. After all, the entrepreneurial path is no cake walk. However, there are many resources and strategies one can use in their startup, or established small business, to give their team a leg up. The first step in that process is understanding the resources available to us.

Nevada SBA

First, there is the U.S. Small Business Administration. With a branch in each state, the Nevada branch is specialized in small business aid and resourcing in the area. This administration is government run and can be a trusted source of information and resources.

One such resource the SBA provides is advice in starting up. They have information on all sorts of business startup concerns, from information on how to make sure your company name is unique, to ways that you can tell whether your company is either growing in a healthy way or it is in trouble. These and many more SBA resources are intended to ensure that one has the proper mindset when pondering a startup or small business venture.

The SBA of Nevada has ample advice and a plethora of information and resources to share with entrepreneurs, so be sure to check out their guide to small business resources in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Nevada SBDC

Another phenomenal resource for your small business is the Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC). There resources are fantastic for all businesses, new or established, though they have a specific advice column dedicated to starting a business. This page runs through a set of information and ideas the potential small business owner must work through before embarking on the start of a new business, such as the motivations behind one’s decision to open a business and how to build on your ideas.

That is not all that the SBDC has to offer, however. It also offers concrete advice on how to handle the actual logistics regarding starting a business, such as determining location for your business or ensuring the completion of a business plan. There are specific documents regarding these subjects on the SBDC website. The group also provides counseling services, education and training, environmental business assistance, and high-tech startup assistance.

In addition, the SBDC has a center for regional studies (CRS). This CRS manages data to aid a growing business in selecting operational locations, understanding market trends, and predicting the region’s local economy. The SBDC is a treasure trove of resources and information for any individual looking to start or grow a business.

Department of Business & Industry

The Department of Business & Industry provides an insightful, interactive guide to starting or growing a business in Nevada. The Department of Business & Industry is a government run site and provides key information and lists of resources. Their page has a tab dedicated to resources and labeled, “Learning Center.” This tab is a bit similar to the Nevada SBA site in that it runs through some things that one should ponder or take care of before enduring the process of starting a business. There are 11 different listed and linked resources for guides and sites advising in business startup in Nevada.

The Department of Business & Industry is the most well-rounded source for all of your small business needs because of the sheer magnitude of its resources. Their “Learning Center” page lists multiple resources and links for each facet of starting a company, from obtaining a mentor to structuring your business. There is even a provided list of organizations and methods by which to secure capital. No matter what one needs help with, this website has your needs covered.


For those individuals who have done their homework, completed research, and are ready to get their business off the ground, there is SilverFlume. SilverFlume is “Nevada’s Business Portal,” through which individuals or groups register their businesses. This is a convenient service for tackling business registration online.

It should be noted that the site, or portal, is designed to be operated by legal professionals and it is advised that one has an attorney working on their behalf if they are unsure about the jargon and process. SilverFlume is government partnered and is a trusted source for business registration. With an extensive FAQs page, their site is easy to navigate and find information.


Funding a startup can also be a nerve wracking experience for any business owner. However, there are multitudes of banks that offer a wide range of business loans. If you’d prefer to explore other options than bank loans, you can check out the resources on the Department of Business & Industry’s page. We also welcome you to contact us about your small business funding and small business development needs.

Some of the best small business resources in Las Vegas are easy to find online, so use the above resources and links as a starting point in your search for small business assistance and financing ideas. Once you start looking, the resources and advice for starting a small business in Las Vegas, Nevada are extensive and should prove helpful in your journey through entrepreneurship.